As a leading Australian eco lighting company, Austep is a social enterprise focused on more than just LED lights.

Thinking Long Term

We think long term for our clients, and our planet. This means expert advice, and lights that look great, built to last, with replaceable parts, and high end components that give you confidence in your project.

The power of light has been instrumental in enabling humanity. But it also affects our moods, creates beauty, and captures our imagination, if done properly.

With award winning products that surpass industry benchmarks in areas like colour rendering (quality of light), glare ratings, warranty, and environmental impact, we take pride in ensuring your project looks the best it can, and you look great to your clients.

Green Lighting

More than just energy efficient products – we walk the talk. We run a carbon neutral business, utilise eco design and education, reduce landfill through long lasting lights with replaceable parts, plus innovative recycling and buy-back models.

This adds value to your supply chain; giving you confidence that you’re part of a brighter future, and can tick all the boxes when it comes to your corporate responsibly.

We imagine a future where buildings are lit with only a few watts of power, recyclable, repairable lights that defy planned obsolescence, smart lighting, sunlight, and efficient building design. ‘Light’ is a symbol of hope, so what better place to start than lighting.

Your One Stop Solution

As both suppliers and consultants, we make life easier by streamlining your procurement process. Our strong network of local and international manufacturers, designers, engineers, plus technical expertise and passion, means we can provide your lighting solutions in one place.

Through our channel partners we have supplied LED lighting for commercial and residential developments, energy efficiency and solar companies,  hotels, offices, major chain stores, shop fitters, schools, hospitals, factories, and more.

Guided by years of hands on experience, we know what counts, and look at each project individually; from capacitor choice to THD, from UGR to lighting psychology. Get in touch today to find out how we can help improve your project.


  • Retrofits, and New Builds
  • Energy Audits, and Lighting Audits
  • Project Management
  • Clean Energy Finance Funding
  • Sourcing, Importing, and Factory Brokering
  • Design and Supply of Custom Lighting Products
  • Lighting Design, Reflected Ceiling Plans, and 3D Modelling
  • Commercial Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Residential Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Aquatic Lighting, Carbon Neutral Lighting