The benefits of using LED lighting

The benefits of LED lighting…

By now most people understand the many benefits of LED lighting. But being LED enthusiasts we thought we’d list some of the best features.

Features of LED Lighting Include:

  • LED lighting uses up to 90% less power than traditional lighting
  • LED lights lasts up to 50 times longer, meaning less annoying bulb changes
  • LED’s start instantly (no warm up time required), and can be dimmed
  • LED lighting is mercury free, and robust, unlike fluorescent lighting
  • LED’s emit less heat than traditional lights, meaning less air conditioning
  • LED lights don’t emit UV, which means less insects and fading paint
  • LED lighting can be automatically activated or remote controlled
  • LED lights are less impacted by frequently switching on/off
  • LED’s can produce any colour without the use of colour filters
  • LED lights are durable and hard to break


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