Creating warmth with a dimmer switch: Brightgreen Night Shift

Creating warmth with a dimmer switch: Brightgreen Night Shift

The new “dim-to-warm” LED technology provided by Brightgreen Night Shift smoothly transitions to a warmer colour temperature when the light is dimmed, creating a relaxing atmosphere for your home or business.

January 16, 2019

In nature, lighting shifts and changes throughout the day. Natural lighting doesn’t stay the same, it evolves over time. When the sun is high in the sky it is bright and white but as it begins to set the light becomes warmer and more orange in tone.

Older technologies like halogen and incandescent lighting tended to change to a warmer colour when you dimmed them. A common complaint we hear about LED lighting is that their colour remains the same as you dim them, and that this colour is too cool. But not anymore.

For the first time, our award-winning Tru-Colour lighting from Brightgreen now changes colour temperature when the lights are dimmed. With Brightgreen dim-to-warm Night Shift downlights, you can do this with any standard phase dimmer or home automation system. The lights will change from cool to warm all the way down to 1800K.

The quality of the light around you can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, energy levels, and comfort. Brightgreen dim-to-warm Night Shift technology is designed to take advantage of these natural, biological responses. It does this by adjusting a space’s lighting to the perfect light temperature, when it’s needed most.

Keep it cool to stay alert

The cooler (3000K) temperature option is recommended for use during the day and for activities that need your intense focus.

By using cooler lighting in the daytime, your tasks will be more easily visible. What’s more, the cool and bright light naturally makes you feel more alert, awake and focused.

This is why it is recommended that you don’t use electronic devices just before bedtime, because the cool, blue light has a tendency to keep you awake.

An example of cool lighting with Brightgreen Night Shift.

Warm it up as you wind down

The warmer (1800K) temperature option is best for use at night and when you are seeking to create a relaxing mood.

Warmer lighting regulates the body’s natural circadian rhythm, creating a calmer, more comfortable, relaxed and restful state.

That’s what makes warm lights perfectly suited to creating the right mood in hospitality, or in bedrooms and living areas.

An example of warm lighting with Brightgreen Night Shift.

Brightgreen Night Shift downlights allows you to dim-to-warm your lights to match the time of day.

Make the shift to warmer lighting

Many restaurants have resisted changing their lights to LED because the warmth needed to create an inviting and comfortable environment could not be achieved by traditional LED lights. But now, with Brightgreen’s Night Shift dim-to-warm downlights, it is easy to get a cosy feel while saving electricity, money, and the planet.