Austep Tree Planting

Austep Tree Planting

Thanks to our clients, Austep has planted over 1,500 native trees and counting.

February 3, 2018

In an ideal world our products and projects would have 0 carbon footprint, or even better they would sequester carbon. But we’re not quite there yet, so instead we plant at least one native tree for every job we do. We do this in partnership with our sister company

These trees are legally protected by a covenant of 30-100 years so they can’t be chopped down. As well as helping to reduce CO2, these trees combat soil erosion and salinity, provide wind breaks, improve biodiversity, and provide homes for native plants and animals.

The tree planting carbon offset projects we invest in are Gold Standard Certified, which ensures they follow best practise, involve local stakeholders, continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve both the lives of people and the environment.